Human beings are born good, brilliant, creative, loving, loveable, and fully  connected to the rest of the universe. Anything that does not look like this glorious truth is a reflection of systemic hurt. We live in a society that values the individual above all and systematically works to isolate human beings.  This is so true that we get convinced there are actually barriers between us. These painful teachings erode the natural beauty of us all.  Despite this bleak picture we, from time to time, find ways to experience and express beauty and truth with each other.

I think this can be attributed to two things:
1) The desire to communicate is inherent in the very tissue of the brain. We are not taught to communicate. It is biology driven. We are born to communicate.
2) Emotions are embedded in very deep structures of the brain. They are perceived and expressed by important, powerful, and old biology. We are born to feel.

There has never been a society of human beings that has lived without music. This speaks volumes to me. I use words to convey the details of my story. I  use music to be sure I am communicating to the deeper systems of the mind. I  use music to touch truth.

Martha Curtis