Here is information that you may need when having Martha Curtis present for your organization.  If there is anything you don't see and you need, please call her office at 800-543-2360 or click here to e-mail.  

Short Profile (230 words)

A/V requirements 

Travel Preferences Suggested Press Release 

Suggested Introduction

Tech Rider for performances with pianist 

(Photo by Christian Steiner)  


(Photo by Christian Steiner)  


230 word bio 


Martha Curtis


Using both words and music Martha Curtis inspires audiences around the world.  Both CBS' 60 Minutes and NBC’s Today Show have profiled her life of passion and determination.

At age three Ms Curtis started convulsing and was diagnosed with epilepsy.  Within a year and a half her mother had per playing the piano and dancing.  This early arts training helped build cognitive and physical skills that allowed her access to her expressive self, however the seizures continued with increasing intensity and rapidity.  Despite this seizure activity and the high level s of anticonvulsant drugs, she graduated Salutatorian from the Interlochen Arts Academy and with honors from the Eastman School of Music.

Curtis battled epilepsy on and off stage for many years until a team of doctors at Cleveland Clinic removed the damaged sections of her right brain to stop the neurological storms.  Her decision to undergo brain surgery and remove a portion of her temporal lobe was one of great courage.

Today Martha is seizure-free and her ability to perform and memorize difficult pieces of music is greater than before the operations.  Martha Curtis’ success story has single-handedly changed preconceived theories about brain and memory function.  Ms. Curtis now performs throughout the U.S. and abroad to audiences of all ages both words and music, she brings to the stage unique insight from the inner world of the human being.


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Sample Introduction  Provided in pre-recorded multi-media presentation.  



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Press Release for Martha Curtis Speaking at Your Event  


CONTACT PERSON __________________

PHONE #___________


FAX # _____________


HEADLINE:  (call 800-543-2360 for press release)



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Travel Preferences


Ms. Curtis Travels from Pittsburgh, PA

Meals: No restrictions

Room: non-smoking

Ground Transportation: Client will meet or arrange for driver to meet Ms. Curtis at the airport and provide transportation to hotel, meeting site and back to airport as required.

Air Transportation: Business Class , no meal restrictions.

Travel includes refundable/changeable coach airfare (first class on international or Hawaii/Alaska flights) to destination city via Pittsburgh, PA airports. Town car, taxi service or rental car needs to be provided for all ground transportation. If an overnight stay is required, a hotel room will also be provided. Travel expenses also include meals and gratuities. Travel, car and hotel expenses may either be direct-billed to the sponsor of the event, or billed later per prior arrangements.


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Audio Visual Requirements


Please talk with Martha directly to determine what equipment she will need for her presentation to your group.


The "Standard Configuration" is:

  1. Slide Projector with remote and Screen

  2. VHS projection set-up with Screen

  3. Lectern

  4. Microphone, cordless or on lectern (accessible for Martha to manipulate during music)

  5. Small Table next to lectern to set down violin

  6. A/V check with tech person on-site prior to program

  7. Private room to warm up prior to performance.  Please provide bottled water. 

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Tech Rider for performances with pianist

  1. Grand Piano and bench

    Piano to be tuned the day of performance

  2. Rehearsal time in Hall to be arranged with Martha, not to conflict with piano tuning

  3. A/V check with tech person on-site prior to program

  4. Private room to warm up prior to performance with bottled water.

  5. Travel Lodging for pianist (smoking room)